Quality Fish & Chips in Hexham

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Chicken & Mushroom Curry

with Small chips


contains chicken, mushrooms, onion & peas and is served together in a tin foil container


Choose either:

Sausage, Spam Fritter, Fish Cake, Cheese Savoury, Battered Burger

with Small portion Chips

Now choose your side:

Curry, Peas, Gravy, Beans

Now for a drink:

Can of Pop or a Regular Tea/Coffee


Cheese & Onion Mayo Sandwich £2.00

Cheese Salad Box £2.50

Mars Bar          70p

Twix                  70p

Kit Kat              70p

 Stone Willy,s Pizza

Available in 9″ 12″ 14″

                Pizza Deals

9″ Margherita, small chips +small pot dipping sauce…… £5.50                            (upgrade to any 9″ for an extra £1.00)

12″ Margherita,Large chips + small pot dipping  sauce……£8.50                          (upgrade to any 12″ for an extra £1.50)

14″ Margherita, 2 x Large chips + 2 pots dipping sauces + 1 large bottle pop………/….£13.00 

 (upgrade to any 14″ for an extra £2.00)